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WTFL and Private Schools
Posted Apr 23, 2014

For nearly a decade, Washington Township Football League (WTFL) has partnered with private schools near our township looking for a safe and exciting place to introduce their young children to football.

WTFL's focus on safety can be seen throughout our entire league. WTFL recently extended its relationship with USA Football by becoming a USA Football "Heads Up" League.  Policies like the screening and certification of every coach, our controlling of contact by eliminating special teams and scripting practice time and drills and our personal fitting of each child with modern equipment all protect your child as they participate in the great sport of football!

"Park Tudor has had a team in WTFL for the past 5 years and is a conglomerate that includes players from The Orchard School, Sycamore, St. Richards, and Oaks Academy.  Years ago, we wanted to build a feeder system into our high school program, and the WTFL as served as a great vehicle for us to accomplish this.  The competition is great, and the league is well organized."

"As a coach, the reward for me is about the individual progress of the kids. This is true if you are coaching a veteran football player or a rookie. When you teach a young man a new technique that allows him to beat his opponent and that play becomes a difference-maker in a game, his eyes light up! There's the reward! Then you also have bad plays or bad games. Teaching these kids how to respond to success and failure are truly life long lessons. I learned these lessons in my years of playing, and I hope to pass along the same legacy."

Glenn Hanley - Park Tudor/ WTFL Coach

Enroll online today and simply list your school and we will be sure you get matched up with other families as total numbers and coaches are identified.

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