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WTFL Mad Dog Division (1st/2nd Grade)

Our Mad Dog division is made up of participants that are in or entering 1st grade and/or 2nd grade (Kindergartners are allowed but only by parental approval). This division is where the players are taught the basics of HEADS UP FOOTBALL. During games, 2 coaches, from each team, are allowed on the field to help aid in proper alignment of both offense and deffensive lines and correct positioning of players(Please read the WTFL Saftey Policy). This divison is all about the kids having fun and making sure that they learn the fundamentals of football and promoting the WTFL creed of COMPETION * CHARACTER * CLASSROOM, so no score keeping is done. Participants are students of the following Washington Township Schools:

The WTFL has been partnered with Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) for many years and it has been very successful. Anyone, from the CYO that wants to be a coach in the WTFL can do so. To ensure that your own team consist of students from a CYO affiliated school, all you need is minimum 7 players and we will garauntee that those kids will be on the same team. This is also true for kids that attend Sycamore and Orchard Academy Schools.

WTFL is a USA Football Affiliate!!!

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