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Washington Township Football History

WTFL was founded in 1985. That year about fifty kids and a couple of high school coaches met in the bleachers at Northview Middle School, this was the beginning of WTFL. Before this most kids in the township had played for the Jordan YMCA. The Y team played the other YMCA in the area. When the YMCA decided to drop football a void needed to be filled in the area.

The original format had kids playing for their elementary schools in two divisions, third and fourth grade and fifth and sixth grade. These two division were call the Cubs and Panthers .The township had eight elementary schools so each school played 7 games. Each school had a head coach that directed its football program. The league later added a third division of fourth and fifth graders call the Mini Panthers.

The league didn't see much change until 2002 when a new division was added. First and second graders were 35 strong in their first year. This division was named the Midgets. the players didn't like that name so they gave themselves the name of Mad Dogs! Today this division is now boast over 150 kids. By 2005 the format of playing for your elementary school had created some problems. Some teams had 25 players on them and many kids didn't get much playing time while other schools could barely field a team. In 2005 schools were combine into four practice sites with two schools on each site. Teams were then broken up in as many teams as possible to keep about 17 players per team. There was also a shift from individual head coaches of each school running the programs to more league control of policies with a central board.

2005 also introduced an exciting new program for our kids, the Junior Panthers. After a fifteen year absence from the Indiana Elementary Football League we fielded a team of our best fifth and sixth graders. This travel league gives our elite fifth and sixth graders a chance to play the best competition in the Indianapolis area. With the addition of this program we dropped the MIni-Panther division in our house league.

2007 saw the last organizational shift going to the two practice site format. Now all players are assigned to two different practice sites, Greenbriar Elementary and North Central High School. The league instituted a draft to help balance the teams to create the best competitive team possible.

WTFL has seen some other exciting changes in the last few years. New field equipment consisting of blocking sleds, running ropes, dummies and other training aids to get the maximum out of our practices. The move to the new playing field for our games on North Central Campus that gives us restrooms and concession facilities. New storage at the game fields.

WTFL has always been an open league to all kids in Washington Township, whether they attend public or private school. We are proud of the fact that we stress skill development and fun over winning. As we enter the next chapter of the WTFL we are always remember Kids First!


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